Ok, so after a couple of years of choosing between buying a built house or building… and about 6 months of going around to different Land Estates, we have finally come upon “our” land ^^; (just a warning, this story may be a tad long… continue on if you dare hehe)

It was quite the ordeal with a few heartaches and disappointments along the way… and to think, we’re only at the land part! There’s still the whole building story that we have yet to go through =p who knew how hard looking for land was going to be! It was definitely different to buying a shirt or even a car (yes, not even comparable, I know…). The bad thing about this land business is that I tend to get emotionally attached to ceratin pieces of land.. everytime we saw a piece of land that we liked, I tend to get emotionally attached to it to the point that when hubby says it’s not within budget or he thinks the site costs isn’t worth it, I’d get so heart-broken and disappointed… bah, I can’t help it… I’m an emotional creature! >,<

Anyways, there was this one time when we even went to one of the Ponds’ land releases… a week prior to the release date, we received the release plans and we started picking out a few of the lots that we thought we’d like to have. We figured having more than one choice would give us some leeway… During then, I didn’t really realise that I was getting emotionally attached to the land… It was our first land release so we did not know what to expect… we figured that going to the ponds’ sales office 1.5 hrs early was good enough… oh how wrong we were… when we got there, we were 16th in line… could you believe it?? apparently there’s some people who camped out the day before… I commend their patience and perseverance, I don’t think I could have lasted the day let alone staying there until the next day =( oh well, if it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t meant to be… but i still felt disappointed and depressed… although, looking back at it now, i feel so silly for feeling like that =/ By the time it came for our turn to talk to the sales lady, none of our “chosen” pieces of land was available… hehe… surprise, surprise, right? *sigh*

After that day, I didn’t really care much about finding land any longer… the experience didn’t really affect hubby much. He said that we’ll find land and to not feel so upset about it all… So, we went to look at some other land estates… one of which was at Beaumont Rise… Land was sooo expensive for the size of the lots… gotta pay that premium to live in the Hills Shire hehe… we were really thinking that this was “it”… anyways, my heart wasn’t really set on getting the land there so we decided to think it over for a night or a week before deciding… while we were deciding, we came across this forum… we got so much insight from it! we also found another land estate there (thanks to one of the forum members!)… we checked out the land estate… at first glance, we thought, “No way in the world we’d be able to afford land from there!”… but no harm in trying… so, we signed up to register our interest… was able to get in contact with a sales person there and we were told that there were some land available in our price range! hurray! =p i couldn’t believe it was happening… and so that rollercoaster of emotions began to start up again! (i know, i’m hopeless, right?)

Everything seemed to go smoothly! We were able to choose a nice piece of land within our budget, find a solicitor and have a lender with great interest rates! It seemed so surreal! So, after a week of visiting Stonecutters Ridge, we were informed that our contract of sale was with our solicitor and that we should set a time to sit down with the solicitor to go through the contract… Little did we know that a bump in the road was fast approaching =( Unfortunately, the bank valued our land at 15% below the buying price *sigh* nothing is ever easy… what a big set-back… well, that’s how i felt at the time anyways…

Anyways, cutting this already long story short, with the help of a Mortgage Broker (thanks to “M”), we’re finally with one of the big banks and our [land] loan is on it’s way =) and we now have our LAND! hehe ^^;

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