Sunday, 30th-Nov-2008:

We started our day by going to our favourite coffee shop =p We bought our usual weekend coffee + 2 extras for M&C at Wisdom Display Home [the two have been teasing us about our coffees everytime they see us there during weekends so we figured what better way to make them see how addictive the coffee was than by getting them to taste the coffee for themselves!]

We arrived for our appointment at 10:20am… we stayed there for a little under 3hrs… we felt so bad about taking up so much of their time, but you get that =p we like to ask questions…

After signing our life away (for the second time), we decided to go to mom and dad’s place to show them what we’ve done hehe… then they wanted to go and view the display home (well, i wanted them to see the display home hehe), so we went back to the display home and bugged M&C again hehe =p

What an eventful weekend! =p

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