well, we saw ourselves in the local newspaper yesterday the 14th Jan 2009 (maybe i’ll scrapbook the page! hehe)… and here’s a link to that story: http://rouse-hill-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/estate-builds-on-a-dream/ seems surreal, doesn’t it? :p


We had our tender acceptance(?) today… we set a meeting with the builder, went through the final tender once again, and signed our life away! hehe… things are definitely rolling along… and our savings are starting to dwindle away =( but, we’re excited about this journey and can’t wait until we live in our new house! =)

Also, we have a family friend who’s a landscaper. We took him to Stonecutters Ridge to view the land and to have a browse at the variety of plants already planted in the area, in the display homes and the surrounds. He wanted to get a feel for how he’ll tackle our landscaping =) we also took him to the display home to give him an idea of how our house will look like (and to have a look at what the landscaping looks like around the house in the display home).

It’s all getting exciting! Things are coming along :p


lol, our 20secs of fame… or something… we are, apparently, going to be in Rouse Hill Times! not sure when though… we even got our picture taken! lol… Nav got a call the other day from Stonecutters Ridge PR stating that Rouse Hill Times would like to set up a time for an interview, and not long after he got off the phone with the SR PR, he got a call from Rouse Hill Times! hehe, and so that interview and photoshoot happened this afternoon, after work :p it was held at Stonecutters and it was a pleasant experience. It was quite casual and laid back, so we had no problems about the interview, plus the photo only took a few minutes hehe. It was quite fun =) Now I’m just wondering when that paper will be printed so that we can get a copy! :p

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