So, as of 3:30pm today, 03rd April 2009, settlement occured on our land, FINALLY!!! hahaha… and, of course, it didn’t occur without any mishaps (there’s always mishaps)… after hassling the broker and the bank for days on end, yesterday hubby got a call at 3:15 from our solicitor said that we could finally book for settlement, which was all good and dandy, BUT, at 3:30, hubby got a call from the solicitor saying that in order for us to book the settlement, we had to hand in a bank cheque… so hubby had to litterally race to the bank, he made it _just_ in the nick of time before they closed, managed to grab the bank cheque, ran to the solicitor’s office (yes, ran hehe) and managed to get it to them before COB! Oh, and another thing, they said we had to have gotten another bank cheque made to pay the solicitor fees… ugh… luckily, they said we can pay it via direct debit! *phew* anyways, that part’s all done now, and our land has settled, finally! yay! happ-y-ness! ^^;

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