Yay! *jumps for joy* We love progress!! “Houston, we have Site Scrape” hehe :p yes, I’m silly, i know… can you blame me? that a simple process of Cut-n-Fill brings out the little kid in me? =) it was rather unfortunate that there wasn’t much sunlight left and we could hardly take nice photos =( but we’re happy either way :p and did i mention we have Site Scrape? :p


So, we got told yesterday that a truck dumped rubble onto our land! After work, we drove down to visit our land and there it was! A pile of rubble! we got so excited =p i can’t believe we got excited over a pile of rubble, but after a week of nothing happening, a pile of rubble is very exciting! hehe =p “rain, rain, go away, come again after our roof is up” *teehee*


Wow! I can’t believe it! We have our pegs! Yay! Yesterday, after coming home from work, we had this pull to go and visit our land, and so we followed that feeling… We drove down there, not expecting anything, but just wanting to have a look… and, as we were driving to our land, hubby suddenly stops the car and yells, “Look! Pegs!” hehehe, we were so excited, we jumped out of the car and grabbed my lil cybershot camera to take photos… we may go back again and take the DSLR so that we can take a photo of the whole land, not just peg by peg… hehe :p so exciting!!


Hurray! Our DA has been approved! Now, all we need is a lil “anti-rain” dance or something so that work can get started hehe… :p

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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