Nav did his usual afternoon routine today and drove by the house 🙂 he informed me that the plumbing is done! here are some pics:


This morning, one of our friends confirmed that they saw that our roof trusses have been completed! She even sent me a pic! Sooo exciting! 🙂 and not only that, when Nav went by the house for his afternoon routine, he saw that they had put up half the windows! 🙂 so exciting! i didn’t get to go visit the house today though 🙁 but that’s ok, i’ll have plenty of time to visit the house another day 🙂 i can’t wait to see the progress with my own eyes! hehe


Hurray! More of the frames went up today, plus some roof trusses! our house is definitely taking shape and we’re so excited by it! 🙂 it looks great! we got a bit snappy happy when taking photos today hehe

on a side note, we saw some feral cats scrounging around for food scraps that the builders have left behind… lol


Got a call from F this arvo saying that half the frames are up! 🙂 and, as per usual, Nav went and drove by our lot after work and took snaps! he even got to see some tradies still cleaning up, getting ready to go home. I managed to visit the lot too! when i got out of the car, i looked towards our ground floor frames and it was like love at first sight! lol, oh happy days! we’re so excited about the progress 🙂 being able to walk-through the bare bones of our house is just surreal!


an interim progress report :p we got told that the drainage was being done today! so Nav went to visit the land after work and took some pics. but he also saw an excavator there… our backyard seems to be flattened out… but there’s this massive hole in the back corner of our lot… we’re thinking it’s the sewer thingo? lol, i have no clue… oh, and so much for keeping our slab clean 🙁


So we visited our land, and took more photos (of course)! We took photos of us standing on our slab! :p so exciting! also, took my niece to the park up the top of our street 🙂 she enjoyed herself thoroughly! it was quite cute to witness her enjoy herself and have lots of fun 🙂


yay yay yay! we got our slab! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *twirls around and around* we got our slab, we got our slab! just uber excited 🙂 Nav went to the land and got heaps of photos! and then, after work, i went to have a sticky-beak with Nav and took more piccies! 🙂 so excited!


Nav went to visit our slab this afternoon, but, alas, the slab was nowhere to be found 🙁 unfortunately, according to BoM, there may be showers and/or a thunderstorm brewing… hopefully it won’t affect Stonecutters Ridge too much…

on a better note, when Nav visited the land, he did come across our temporary fence! which is rather odd considering our slab has not been poured yet… but yeh, you get that i guess hehe 😛 here are some pics of our temp fence! 😛

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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