yeh, so i couldn’t find an original nonsensical kind of title for this post (since most of the pics are repeats of the previous post), but, i figured, i hadn’t seen the waffles yet, so why not call it my waffle date :p

Nav and I went to Stonecutters Ridge on Saturday to have a look at our Waffles! :p this was the first time i had gone to the land since the previous weekend, so i was uber excited! 🙂 as you can see from the amount of pics, we just got too trigger happy :p that’s ok though, the more, the merrier! 🙂

We were also told by M @ Stonecutters Ridge that they have pegged out the temporary clubhouse, which is situated across the first roundabout just before the lake on tee 6 (at least i think that’s the 6th tee)… anyways, it’s only just pegs at the moment. hopefully you can see the pegs =/ i’m not good at taking photos… hehe

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