There are no more holes on our house! 😛 front cladding is on and the back blueboard is on! I’m sure the cladding will still get painted, and so will the blueboard, but that’ll come in later 😛 next up, insulation & gyprock! 🙂 (also, our ground floor eaves are all on and no more bald patches on the ground floor roofing! 🙂 ) can’t wait to see our doors too! 😛

we also had our pre-plaster inspection with hnkryan today 🙂


Just a quick update to say that our electrical rough-in has started. So our house has a lot of wires sticking out of it and sticking out within it lol, it looks kinda funny 😛 oh and they’ve fixed a plumbing/pipe issue near where our aquarium is going to be! 🙂 pics to come 😛


Even with all the dust storm going on, Wisdom tradies still managed to work on our house 🙂 the ground floor roof tiling is almost completed, plus the aircon ducts have been put in! it’s all very exciting 🙂 oh and our stacker doors are now back in place too!


Nav and I decided to visit our house this afternoon, even though we thought nothing would have happened since it rained quite a lot during the afternoon… We were so happily surprised to see that our house now has a hat on!! 😛 Love your work Wisdom tradies! 😛


After work this afternoon, Nav and I drove down to Stonecutters Ridge to visit our house! 🙂 we saw a few tradies installing our fascia and gutters! Plus our roof tiles have been delivered. I feel sorry for our neighbour because whoever delivered our roof tiles just dumped it on our neighbour’s lot…

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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