So, after handover, we got our tanks installed! and, after a few weeks, we got our aquarium specialist, Trent from Pristine Aquariums, to set up the fish tank and the sump filter.

i have placed a selection of photos from the set up 😛 we even have a pic of Trent with our tank! 😛 (hmm, i just realised that i don’t have a pic of the done up sump filter… i’ll find one later and put it on here 😛 ).


A month and a bit after handover… geesh, it’s taken me a while to blog about the house or post any more photos of the completed house 😛

So, hubby and i would like to take some time to thank a few people who made going through the build easier:

  • Mark and Colt (at the Wisdom Homes display home, The Ponds) – a big thank you for always being helpful and always eager to answer any questions we had. we knew we could always count on the two of you to answer or discuss anything regarding the house 🙂
  • Anita – thank you for being such a great colour consultant and “middle-woman” for ongoing queries/concerns/requests throughout the build.
  • Ben (SS) – thank you for looking after our build. thanks for being patient with us even when we ring you 5 times a day.
  • the rest of Wisdom Homes – thank you for our beautiful home.
  • Homeone Forums – thank you for all the advice/help/tips and all of your colourful personalities that have helped us get through our build 🙂
  • Stonecutters Ridge
  • our family and friends – thank you for your constant love, help and support

I’m not saying our build was a perfect build. There are still a few little things to keep bugging Wisdom Homes about. But, in all fairness, Wisdom has been very helpful and easy to deal with even though our build is complete. Overall though, we’re quite happy with the house 🙂

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without pics! And here they are, as always 😛

(note: the last two pics are of our done up fish tank with our pretty fishies!)

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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