So, after handover, we got our tanks installed! and, after a few weeks, we got our aquarium specialist, Trent from Pristine Aquariums, to set up the fish tank and the sump filter.

i have placed a selection of photos from the set up 😛 we even have a pic of Trent with our tank! 😛 (hmm, i just realised that i don’t have a pic of the done up sump filter… i’ll find one later and put it on here 😛 ).

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  1. Oh my! It’s just FABULOUS!!! The carpet is is is is is spectacular and those dooooooors!! oh yum yum yum……well done!! themax (H1)

    • thanks themax!! :):)
      glad to see you over in our little corner of the world wide web ;p

  2. Just wondering, how much did it cost roughly for the fish tank and everything to be setup. I’m building a new home next year and really love what you have done and wondering what the costs would be to set it up. Did you get the glass put in after?

    Also how is it running cost wise? Haven’t had a fish tank in years (since I was about 16 actually), does it cost much to run now that the power bills are on their way up?

    With cleaning any issues being in the wall? How do you do it?

    Sorry for all the questions but I just love the house and the fish tank especially. It really is a nice feature and relaxing to watch.

    • Hi Luke,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Cleaning is not an issue with the fish tank. On one side (in our home theatre) we can climb up a small 3 step – step ladder, and access the top of the fish tank and clean the inside of the tank out. We normally use a magnetic cleaner.

      Running costs have been extremely minimal. Our electrical bills havne’t changed much since we got the fish tank. My pc uses more power a day when it’s powered on then my fish tank.

      Our builder wouldn’t let our aquarium maker install the tank during the build, so we had the builder design the frame exactly to our specifications, and then we had the fish tank company come in and measure for the tank, and get one built when we moved in.

      In regards to the cost, I’ll send you an email with the rough cost from memory.


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