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Here are some photos from our construction journey building our Wisdom homes Impression 38 MkII (39)

Ground Floor Frame!

We have frames up on our ground floor!

First floor frames and partial roof trusses

We have our first floor frames up and most of the roof trusses!


Drainage and plumbing

Slab -- Weekend Visit!

We visited our slab this weekend :) and took our niece to the park


We have a concrete slab for our house :)

Frame complete - and some windows!

Our house has frames & roof trusses complete and some windows installed!

Frame plumbing!

Our frame has been plumbed!

Day 2 of the bricking!

Our ground floor almost fully bricked...

Bricks Started!

Part of the garage has bricks.

Bricks Delivered

Got a call from our SS saying Bricks were delivered and starting today!

Brickies Sand

We were at our block and saw the brickies sand being delivered!

Temp Fencing

Construction fencing was put up around the block!

More Waffle Pods pics and Peg-Out for Temporary Clubhouse @ Stonecutters Ridge

Waffle Pod pics + Temp Clubhouse peg-out pics


Pictures of our rubble!


Photos of the the pegout on the land.

Developer Application

Developer Application Process

Pre Construction

Photos from before our construction began

Site Cut

Excavation photos

Slab Pegout

Slab Pegout!

Waffle Pods

Mmmmm waffles

Recycling Bin Thingy

a massive recycling bin was placed on our lot



Piering & Port-a-loo

Piering & port-a-loo

Scaffolding done and more bricks!

Scaffolding is now up around the house, brickies have started bricking again!

Main Floor Tiling started :)

they've started our main floor tiling :) yay!

Wet Area Tiles!

Finally!!!! They have arrived!!! so ecstatic! ^^;

Locked out!


we've been water-proofed!

Bathtub, toilets, and taps being installed!

Also, the moroka was done too! :)

More House Photos



Christmas Present


Yay, i finally got to go upstairs! :)


Bricking almost complete!

Bricking is almost finished! Only a bit of bricking to go in the alfresco!

First Floor Bricking

Bricking continues, we have bricks on our first floor!

Plastering begins



Plantation Shutters

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  1. Hi what tiles are on your roof and what color


    • Hi Terri,

      Our tile are Bristile tiles in Gunmetal 🙂

      Hope that helps.

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