It was such a blistering hot day yesterday, however, the tilers still managed to start on the main floor tiling as well!! sooo happy!! πŸ˜› we love the work they’ve done so far hehe πŸ˜›


Where to start… due to some unwarranted mishap (which, i suppose, is not an uncommon occurrence in this building “game”), this blog was temporarily on hiatus so that i would not be tempted to vent… anyhoo, all’s well and good again, so here’s the update:

[*] house painted (inside and out currently in progress, bar moroka)

[*] stackstones on pillars (incomplete, ran out of stackstones)

[*] wet area tiles have (finally) arrived! and tilers are doing wet area tiles atm

[*] laundry, balcony & front doors clear-coated

[*] kitchen & all cabinetry in, sinks in, benchtops in

[*] balcony tiling (in progress)


Nav went to the house yesterday and saw that there were carpenters at work! and he sent me a pic of our front doors *drools* but they weren’t on yet… We visited the house this afternoon, and what do we see while driving towards the house? We saw our garage door on! πŸ˜€ and i finally got to see our front doors on today *sigh* πŸ˜›


We visited our house after work today, and we were faced with our water proof-ed wet areas! πŸ˜€ so exciting!


We went to visit the house on Saturday, and what do we find? Tradies finishing up with our stairs πŸ˜€ so excited! I was able to get to theΒ top floor, finally! Ahh, so happy πŸ˜›


eep, it’s been a while since my last update >,< d’oh! my badd…

anyhoo… so, since the last update, the following has happened: insulation has gone in; ground floor bricks have been acidwashed; gyprocking has happened; plastering has happened; and the cornices are almost done! πŸ˜›

(more pictures in the gallery πŸ˜› )


There are no more holes on our house! πŸ˜› front cladding is on and the back blueboard is on! I’m sure the cladding will still get painted, and so will the blueboard, but that’ll come in later πŸ˜› next up, insulation & gyprock! πŸ™‚ (also, our ground floor eaves are all on and no more bald patches on the ground floor roofing! πŸ™‚ ) can’t wait to see our doors too! πŸ˜›

we also had our pre-plaster inspection with hnkryan today πŸ™‚


Just a quick update to say that our electrical rough-in has started. So our house has a lot of wires sticking out of it and sticking out within it lol, it looks kinda funny πŸ˜› oh and they’ve fixed a plumbing/pipe issue near where our aquarium is going to be! πŸ™‚ pics to come πŸ˜›

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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