Even with all the dust storm going on, Wisdom tradies still managed to work on our house 🙂 the ground floor roof tiling is almost completed, plus the aircon ducts have been put in! it’s all very exciting 🙂 oh and our stacker doors are now back in place too!


Nav and I decided to visit our house this afternoon, even though we thought nothing would have happened since it rained quite a lot during the afternoon… We were so happily surprised to see that our house now has a hat on!! 😛 Love your work Wisdom tradies! 😛


After work this afternoon, Nav and I drove down to Stonecutters Ridge to visit our house! 🙂 we saw a few tradies installing our fascia and gutters! Plus our roof tiles have been delivered. I feel sorry for our neighbour because whoever delivered our roof tiles just dumped it on our neighbour’s lot…


Our bricking is now complete! 🙂 (which means our mortgage will be just a tad bit more… eek!) bring on the fascia and gutters and roof tiles! 🙂

just a side note, we still have 1 window left to be put back on, plus both our stacker doors… but i’m sure they’ll put those in soon 😛


we have our pillars! they look so pretty! but they took down both our stacker doors… they also had to take down one of the upstairs windows due to the window not being properly mounted and it was swaying quite dangerously in the wind… but, all be well lol 🙂


weee!! they have returned! hurray! we hadn’t been to the house since Friday afternoon and decided to just randomly go and visit the house today. the brickies must have worked yesterday (Saturday). looks like half of the first floor has been bricked! 🙂


Finally!! lol 🙂 Next up, bricking of top floor! Bring it on 🙂 lol

some pictures for your perusal 🙂 aahh, i love our windows hehe


weee! we got a call saying that the rest of our windows have been delivered! and they’re due to be installed tomorrow 🙂 then bricking on friday! cross our fingers and hope that all goes to plan 🙂

Welcome Our Sanctuary in the Midst of Chaos

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